Hello, I'm Janferie, the crafting Mum behind Mini Me Makes (and The Crafty Therapist blog) and I design, crochet and create ... um ... rather alot more than I should ;-)

​I learned to crochet as a wee girl when my mother taught me to both knit and crochet. But both fell by the way side when teenage years arrived and those lovely skills were sadly forgotten about.

However, my love for crochet was reignited several years ago when, during a period of intense bereavement from the loss of our baby, I found my childhood craft bag with a half finished baby blanket inside. I was powerfully drawn to finish it and in so doing found crochet to be an outstandingly peaceful, beautiful therapy to heal my broken heart.

A reignited passion and dear friendship was rekindled, and has been with me every step of the way through an incredible family building journey.  Now it's a family adventure shared with my 3 wonderful boys who inspire me continuously with awesome ideas for more makes, from monster hats, cool mitts and funky slippers to magical creatures from incredible imaginary lands.

And there it is, right there ... my motivation ... Imagination 

I truly adore creating something from nothing but an idea in my head, a customers head or my kids heads. So pattern writing is a natural place for me and is my creative focus for 2018.

​As well as freeing the imagination I love colour, it evokes so much emotion and brightens even the darkest of moments.

Mini Me Makes and the Crafty Therapist is about making people feel happy. My patterns are colourful, fun and easy to follow. My stall at a craft fair is always bright and filled with colourful happy makes and my customers know I'll put my heart and soul into making something gorgeous for them.

My patterns are available through Ravelry (some free ones on my blog) and I am always delighted to make something lovely and unique for you. So if you have something in mind do get in touch and lets create it together.